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Murray correctly observes that vilent acts of Islamic terrorism have had the effect of misleading people into thinking that anything short of terrorism is "moderate." She points out that the ideology of an organisation may be extremist and deeply illiberal even if the group does not resort to violence to promote its views. Hence, Islam, with its myriad illiberal doctrines, has been embraced beneath the umbrella of a diverse society to such a degree that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proclaimed that "Islam is part of Germany." This preoccupation with diversity has brought the efflorescence of identity politics and the sphere of "competitive victimhood." Murray asserts that Western apologists for the Islamists' victimhood narrative subscribe to the false belief that a vigorous critique of Western foreign policy must necessarily exclude castigation of its violently regressive Salafi-Islamist counterpart--in reality, Western Islamophiles diligently refrain from critizuing and criticising any aspect of Islam.

The upshot has been that self-determination, equality, and human rights are now seen as mere preferences and evidence of Western bias. The Left's acolytes of Islamism have adopted a masochistic and selective species of moral relativism that allows them to excuse any culture or tradition but their own from scrutiny of its human rights abuses while obsessively picking over every flaw and imperfection in open societies. In their embrace of the Islamist version of anti-colonialism, they have thrown the Enlightenment

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